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"I'm starting from scratch."

Hey, we get it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and "somewhere" may seem scary if marketing isn't necessarily your forte. That's where we come in! Because we have a heart for start-ups and small businesses, we're confident that we can give you everything you need to create successful marketing campaigns right out of the gate.

Start-up Package: $6000

This package includes all of the following expert services:


Whether or not you have a current marketing plan in place or not, we'll meet with you to assess and strategize a plan going forward that best suits your unique business and goals.


Branding is what is going to set you apart from your competitors and best represent your offering. From your logo to colors, fonts your "voice," we'll work with you to create a brand that is sure to make a lasting impact.


With this start-up package, we'll build a 5-page Wordpress website set up with SEO ready features including social media icons, blog (if desired), HTML and XML sitemaps, and a contact form. 


Social Media is not only a great place to be found but also a tool to engage with your customers. We'll set up your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and post engaging graphics and content for the first 3 months. 


Email marketing is pertinent to build relationships and credibility, keep you top-of-mind with customers and to drive traffic to your website. We'll set you up with en email service and get you started on building your lists.

There's no better way to introduce prospects to your brand than through a strong, engaging email warm-up sequence. We will assist you in the introduction to your brand, offering and help you to build a loyal email following.


Content is KING! That's why we are committed to producing content that converts on your website. This package includes 3 web pages or articles that you can use in your blog.


In order to collect leads from advertising, you will need a captivating landing page to advertise a product or service of your choice. To get you started, we'll create a killer landing page template.


Once you have your website set up, it will be important to track traffic. With Google Analytics you can see where your traffic is coming from, how well its converting, which pages are visited the most, and more.

Ready to get started? So are we!

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